Konark temple owes its philosophical origin to Langudi


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Years ago, a former colleague in print media, Shuvendu Kumar Bhuyan, had approached me for a write-up in Oriya for a souvenir he was planning to publish on Buddhist remnants of his home district Jajpur. I wrote on Langudi and how the famous Konark temple owes its philosophical origin to this splendid seat of Buddhism. The article was meant to throw new light on the creator of Konark, Langula Narasingh Dev and to raze down the concocted claims and wrong legends woven around Konark while focussing on significance of the name of Langudi. Despite reminders, he has neither sent me the copy of the publication nor has return me the manuscript. I am putting it here, because researchers on the subject may benefit from its contents.

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Prof. Biswaranjan on Vidyapati of Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak has translated selected poems of Vidyapati in lucid poetic form in Oriya language. In launching the book on December 06, 2009, India’s most famous poet, former President and present Fellow of the National Academy of Letters, Sri Ramakant Rath has described it as a unique contribution of Sri Pattanayak to Oriya literature. Here below is a critical review of the book by eminent political scientist and author Prof. Biswaranjan, who had also presided over the function of launching of the book.

Vidyapatinka Prema Geeta_CoverProf. Biswaranjan on Vidyapati of SCP 1 prof.biswaranjan on vidyapati of scp 2prof.biswaranjan on vidyapati of SCP 3prof. biswaranjan on vidyapati of SCP 4